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Founded in 2017, SisterHub has been a consistent and persistent, feminist force for women who run their own business across Cheshire. 

First and foremost SisterHub is a network of friends who support each other and share knowledge. Meeting regularly in beautiful venues across Chester and Cheshire including Storyhouse, the University of Chester, The Chester Fields, Dutton's and the Iconic Deva Tap we welcome new members with a smile and the hand of friendship and thoroughly enjoy spending time with each other and helping each other to succeed. 


Avoiding the traditional 'sell' we focus on building real friendships. This creates a sustainable client base based on a large supportive circle rather than a temporary quid pro quo. 

As a group, we do our best to elevate the voice of women led business. We have had speakers from all walks of life such as MP's, council leaders, celebrities, field leading experts and inspiring local women who have achieved incredible things and have a story to share.


how do i become a sister?

SisterHub membership isn's open to the public and all events are restricted to members or 'Sisters'. Our membership is very low cost and comes with no tie in. It does come with the intention to be a part of the group though and to be open and supportive to being part of the circle.

If you know someone who is already a member, speak to them and ask them to bring you along to a meeting. They'll run it by us so that we can keep a check on numbers first.

If you don't fill in the form below and we'll contact you when we have one of our new sister sessions. You are required to run your own, independent business or community organisation or be in the process of establishing one.

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"As a home-working freelancer I was feeling quite alone before I joined Sisterhub… now I don’t know what I’d do without it! A space I can connect with when I want to soundboard ideas, or when I need help or a positivity boost."


Amanda from HG Beauty Academy


"I love being part of Sisterhub as it is a lovely community of like-minded amazingly talented business women."


Hayley from Marine



"A fantastic place to connect with like minded and inspiring individuals, a trusted network of support & friendship."

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"I was allergic to networking, until I came across Sisterhub! Sisterhub has such a relaxed and friendly nature, full of inspiring people and have made some wonderful friends."


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