SisterHub was born of frustration. Setting up a business is often an isolating experience, it was for me and networking can be a very male dominated world making it difficult to get the help you need and get yourself heard. SisterHub is more than just a network though. I hope to be a community, an advocate for female empowerment and above all I want to create a circle of trusted friends who can support and advise each other. We have support from many local authority organisations and we're growing every day. I'm always open to feedback and hope that members will help to shape SisterHub. 


Helen Rutherford-Gregory BA/BSc Hons

Founder & CEO

After achieving an honours degree in Psychology and Politics, Helen went on to work in management, customer service and administration for a range of banks and corporate employers. When that got boring she released her creative side and retrained as a professional nail artist and now owns and runs Candy Gloss Nails. She still contributes as a political writer on occasion and is a passionate political activist. 


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