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Pre-MasterClass Blog Post (please don't read)

I had two choices today. I could delay blogging until after the amazing Vicki gives us her amazing tips and look all smart, or I could post today and show you all how NOT TO BLOG! (Unless by some miracle I am a blogging genius… doubtful). So I think it’s going to be fun to see how my blog changes after the masterclass. I chose science!

We’ve got lots coming up but I don’t really want to bombard you! This Monday (11th June at 7pm) we’re holding a drop-in session with a difference! Vicki from TippyTupps will be coming along to give us her masterclass! There are handouts included so please grab a ticket and let us know you’re coming so that she can print the right amount.

We’re growing! We have more Big and Little Sisters now than ever! Big Sisters are telling me all the time how much the group is helping them. They’re sharing each other’s businesses, referring one another, making friends and meeting up and getting so much from our events! So come along to the blogging masterclass, meet us, make friends, we’re a really friendly bunch!

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