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Sparkly September!

September is going to be SO exciting but let's quickly just reflect on an

Amazing August!

It started with a great drop in session at The DoubleTree, we met lots of new people and welcomed lots of new Big Sisters into the group.

Later that week a group of us packed up picnics and attended the Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing which was fantastic!

Last but not least we had a HUGE meeting in StoryHouse with Lesley Notton from Notton House Academy speaking about Canva and branding and the wonderful Sara from Agony Autie speaking about life with Autism.

Here are a couple of pictures of our Awesome August!!

So what's coming up in Sparkly September?!

So first of all on 5th September we have a drop in session at The White Horse on Chester RaceCourse. It will be free format, a chance to meet and speak to new sisters since we've grown so much in August. Parking is free at The RaceCourse. It's at 2pm and tickets are available for Little Sisters here - GET YOUR TICKET

Then on 17th September we have our Happiness Ninja Marie-Claire Ashcroft bringing us her amazing workshop on mastering the art being yourself - remembering who you are, not who you think you should be for a happier life and business.

At this meeting we will also be starting a new project called Bridge Of Hope, inspired by a young girl from my home town of Sunderland who attached messages of hope to places which are known to be suicide hotspots. We're going to write some messages and then a couple of us will take them away to waterproof and attach to some known areas.

I hope to see you some time in September! We're having a bit of a gap between our September meet up and October meet up because I'm off on my holidays! There are still two meetings in each month, they're just spaced out a little differently. I'll be missing for the first couple of weeks in October as Wi-Fi on the cruise is SCANDALOUSLY expensive! So I'll only be online in ports. How on earth will I cope!?

Lots of Love Hublets!

Helen RG

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