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SisterHub Award Winners Ceremony

On 28th November SisterHub had it's first Award Ceremony and celebrated a year since we launched!

We had three awards categories. Big Sister of The Year 2018 (voted for by the Big Sisters), Best New Business 2018 (which was jointly awarded) and Best Customer Service 2018. Below are the winners proudly displaying their awards and a little about why they won!

At the event we also had a talk from Chester Zoo's lovely Faye about the Palm Oil project and how we, as business owners, can support them. It was a fantastic interactive talk.

We had our very own Helen Conway from BodyWork Pilates Studio telling us about her journey as only she could. -

We also had live music from the amazing Lucy Bradburn, Chester's rising star and a wonderful singer/songwriter.

Thank you to the venue, Mistral for hosting us and for the delicious selection of wines on offer and thank you to Helen Baird from Oakwell Cakes for her sumptuous cupcakes with little number 1's on to celebrate our first birthday.


This is our gorgeous Gemma from Foregate Garage. Gemma was chosen by the other Big Sisters as Big Sister of the Year for all of her wonderful support and because she's so helpful.

Gemma and her husband Paul run Foregate Garage which is the only garage within Chester's City Walls and is a fabulously trustworthy and longstanding business.

Gemma has been a Big Sister since we launched and she's loved by everyone. She really spreads the word about everyone's business and is ever so friendly and warm at meetings. She puts new members at ease and is a calming and humble presence. She was a very deserved winner of our very first Sister of The Year award.


Our beautiful Big Sister Sarah from Diddi Drama showed us all how’s it’s done this year with her amazing business launch. That’s why she was named as SisterHub’s Best New Business 2018. Her diligent preparation, sensible research and cracking work ethic have bounced her onto the business scene as a newbie but definitely not an amateur!

Her classes for Diddi Drama are fun and creative and hep your little one to use their imagination. As a trained and experienced drama teacher, Sarah really knows her stuff and the classes are planned perfectly. We were so proud to have seen this wonderful woman grow and to have been there to support her on her journey to becoming a successful business woman!


This is our beautiful Big Sister Katie Jones! She won our 2018 award for Best Customer Service at her gorgeous Toy Shop in Watergate Street Weasel and the Bug. The customer service in Weasel and the Bug is second to none. They're friends first, customers later. The children love going in to play and the guardians just love going in for a natter with Katie and her wonderful staff. Weasel and the Bug has become a Chester MUST at Christmas for many families, a visit to their magical shop and a look into their enchanted window truly feels like the spirit of Christmas from long ago. In a midst of cheaply made, disposable toys, Katie's shop provides a long lasting, imagination inspiring alternative which not only works out more cost effective (because they're built to last) but teaches children whilst they play. Get along to Weasel and The Bug for some last minute stocking fillers! Support a wonderful local, independent business and do something good for your kiddly-winks!!


The is the stunning Lisa after winning SisterHub’s Best New Business 2018 award! Lisa’s business That Beer Place has been a big part of the Chester Market revitalisation project and it’s been a massive success. The market is now open late on Thursdays and Fridays and is such a good place to feel relaxed, have some amazing food, some OUTSTANDING beers (Lisa really knows her stuff) and meet some great people. Lisa and her husband have given Chester’s community sense a huge boost and we’re very grateful!

Everyone is so excited about That Beer Place and we're all behind the market project. We're all behind Lisa too as she's just such a lovely person to be around and so kind and friendly. We love having her be part of SisterHub!


Could you be one of our SisterHub Award winners in 2019? Imagine celebrating the Christmas period next year with one of these lovely certificates on your wall to honour your achievement! What new businesses will be see launched next year? It's so exciting! Come and join in.

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