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  • Essy Van Der Vlies

The Power Of Social Media

Hello Sisterhub, it’s me again... Essy!

To quickly refresh your minds; I am the Dutch lady who spoke about bikes, zebras and using certain #hashtags that will only get you the wrong kind of attention. I even did get a little emotional explaining how social media has helped me getting my life back on track a couple of weeks ago now in beautiful Chester.

Firstly I like to thank all of you for making me feel so welcome at the Sisterhub network evening in The Deva tap. What a gorgeous bunch of power women you all are! You have probably no idea how nervous yet grateful I was for the opportunity to conquer and perfect my public speaking skills. Thank you Helen for inviting me and all of you who came out in the bitter cold weather and the manic build up to Christmas. It was greatly appreciated. One more thank you to my fabulous friend Jayne Kinsella for moral support and operating the projector.

Secondly I like to apologise for having to dash off a bit earlier without having the chance to saying ‘thank you’ for having me. It was a school night and I had to get home in time to tuck my son into bed. The struggles and juggles of having a family and running a business is probably very familiar to most of you.

Thirdly as promised here are a few pointers I spoke about on the evening how you too can start using your social media as a powerful tool. Please keep in mind I was only covering Instagram and Facebook on the night.



Community building 1. Facebook (closed) groups like for example Sisterhub and my own Essyentials one are a perfect way to network, keep your customers up to date with new products, services and the latest offers. It provides a way to hide from your competition and to go that extra mile to keep your customers and fans happy and wanting more.

2. Grow your business Social media enables you to reach out to new customers, gain new customers by recommendations, either locally or global at no costs but your time.

You can even DM potential new customers as there are no emails needed!

3. Reach out to influencers.

One of the things I do for my clients is to identify influencers in their niche, either locally or globally.

At LOW COST - rather than spending it on advertising, influencers will advertise for your. Nothing works better then recommendations and influencer reach will do exactly that but on steroids!


  • Relevant content - post something that captures the eye and get the engagement game going strong.

  • Regular posts - ideally daily - use it or loose it!

  • Always choose a visual image to go with post - either a photo, a short video or a funny boomerang. Keep in mind to use clear beautiful and eye catching images so your shop front will start to look inviting and professional.

  • Paid targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.


These 7 top tips will help you take your social media marketing strategy to the next level. The beauty is you can start applying these straight away.

1.Create your own strategy - you can do this by creating a content calendar for the coming month and stick to it: be personal; keep it social; tell your story; promote your goods; be relevant!

2. Keep up to date and sharp - social media is constantly changing e.g. algorithms. All you have to do is google the latest tech news.

3. Know you’re social media tools - social media management tools are not just for hard core techs. They are there to help your social media activity as it’s so easy to fall behind. Examples of social media tools are: Hootsuite - scheduled posting and automatic reply to enquiries. Grammerly - grammer and spell check. Canva - create slideshows, your own quotes and videos.

4. Create relevant content - but what if you are too busy, not the best writer or lack ideas. How? For example if you want to promote yoga wear? Post yoga positions and inspirational quotes.

Make sure you attach everything and anything with that suitable #, do shoot outs, credit where credit is due and tag lots of people. Find time to engage with your audience as it’s called 'social' media after all.

5. Do watch competition- It really isn’t enough to just look at own success and short comings. Learn from other people’s success story. Its Cost effective. Don’t copy but learn from them. Compare notes to find out where you could improve. Re-invent a well working wheel!

6. Create a checklist !!! Map out your schedule. Time is money remember! Try not to get sucked into social media for too long! It’s so easy to suddenly find yourself browsing on a must have shoes website for an hour or so!

7. Monitor - check and adjust your content list at end of month to set yourself up for success.


I am sure you all will agree that all resources - especially your time - are very precious when you are a business owner.

Most days there are simply not enough hours in the day to do all you should be doing to help your business grow and flourish online.

This is one of the reasons why many businesses don’t invest much time in their social media strategies. Even though we are aware social media has proven to help you grow your business at very low costs and your profile could be the most inviting and engaging shop front for your customers.

I know myself as a working mum fitting things in between school runs, meetings, hitting the gym and trying to having a social life too can mean checking your social media will be pushed on the back burner but this also means you might potentially loose a customer or two.


If you simply don’t have the time, energy or the patience but still would like your Social Media to be up to date and grow your business online I have the perfect solution for you Social Proof Media.

The Social Proof Media team, which includes specialist in video production, SEO, publishing, podcasts, sales funnels and paid advertising I believe we have the perfect proposition to help your business flourish too. Whether you need a helping hand with your website, written content, managing your social media accounts or need more leads and sales for your business I believe we have the perfect offering. Myself and Nik Maguire welcome you to get in touch if you like to find out more.



If you have questions regarding any of the above I welcome you to get in touch. I am more than happy to help where I can and point you in the right direction. You can find me here:

Facebook Essy Van der Vlies (Essyentials) Instagram essy_van_der_vlies Mobile 07979403316 Email


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