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Chic, City Centre, Sourdough Social Hot Spot - Upstairs @ Urbano 32

We're always on the lookout for snazzy venues to hold our meetings so when a message from Claire landed in my inbox introducing herself as the manager of Urbano 32 and telling me she had a space to show me, I was intrigued and excited. City Centre meeting space is limited to say the least but this is PRIME, this is beautiful and they've got bloody delicious sourdough pizzas to boot!

Light and crisp with thoughtful toppings and plenty of flavour boosters if you want them such as chilli flakes, aioli dip, garlic oil and anything else you can dream up. You're greeted with refreshing cucumber water as you sit down and that's freely topped up as you dine if you don't opt for a beverage from the menu.

The reason for visiting wasn't to dine on these fantastic pizza's though it was a pleasant side track. It was to view the space they have upstairs. Disappear up a windy staircase and you're in a beautifully lit and tastefully appointed room with plenty of seating, an open fireplace, it's own entrance, bar, toilets and a lovely round meeting table. Upstairs at Urbano 32 is going to be our setting for our November meeting and we cannot wait! The light feature about the tall round table makes a striking centrepiece and fits well with the industrial decor.

This versatile space is perfect for private parties, gatherings, team meetings and so much more, it would be a great place for a post wedding gathering if you were to wed in the Chester Register and wanted a low key, small but really cool party. I can only imagine based on my meal that the catering options would be excellent and plentiful. To also have your own private entrance on the rows would be so convenient. Surprisingly for the position in Chester, they've even managed to accommodate disabled access to the space.

I left that afternoon finding myself dreaming up events as an excuse to return.

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