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Restaurant Review: Dough Dough

In the opening week of Chester's latest high quality Pizzeria we were invited along to sample their pizzas and to get a little lesson on pizza making from Chef Gabrielle. We were made to feel very welcome as soon as we arrived but keeping Mister Sister's (my hubby Chris) mind off the arcade machine he'd spotted as we entered and onto pizza was tricky to say the least.

We both ordered a beer, Chris had a low ABV Northern Monk, Striding Edge from their collaborative Patrons Project. It's a leader in the field of low ABV Light IPA's, at 3% it's perfect for someone who's driving. I opted for a trusted favourite, the Tiny Rebel, Clwb Tropicana I've enjoyed so many times at my other favourite craft beer haunts, The Deva Tap or That Beer Place.


After choosing our beers and being skillfully guided through the menu to find some tasty vegan and veggie options we decided on our pizzas. Mine was to be a Sicilia topped with goats cheese, figs, honey, rocket and pine nuts whilst Chris chose a 4 Cheese Pizza, White, topped with Mozzarella, Parmesan, Goat's Cheese and Gorgonzola. Chef Gabrielle invited me over to the prep area to watch the pizzas being made and explained as he hand stretched the dough to skillfully create air pockets in the crust. Gabrielle is a passionate young chef, keen to encourage local collaborations and to grow and develop his craft. He was very inspiring to watch and to speak to.

As our pizza's emerged from the blazing oven I hurried back to my seat to scoff it. It was sweet and delicious, the texture was perfect from the pine nuts to the light crust. The notes of goat cheese and parmesan were refreshed by the figs. Chris, the self confessed cheese addict gobbled up his pizza before he could even comment on it's flavour but the look on his face and the cheese on his chin told the story. I'm not sure if he gobbled it quickly because it was so delicious or because he still had the arcade machine on his mind.

I've never seen him hesitant over ordering dessert but that was when I knew the call of Street Fighter was too loud to ignore. We ordered Cannoli and a Strawberry and Nutella Calzone on a strict sharing agreement and sat at the arcade machine as we waited for it to arrive. We played against each other and not surprisingly I lost my temper when he beat me. Luckily I had an utterly delicious dessert to calm me back at the table. I'm still craving more cannoli, the filling of ricotta, orange zest and chocolate chunks was spectacular. I'm planning my return very soon and would advise you get there ASAP and check it out!

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