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The final excavation of the toxic loop cycle

This past month has been intense and incredible, so many lightbulb moments!

I am now certain that this for me, was a week of total closure and the finale of "drum role" toxic relationships, victim vs perpetrator, self hate, shame, blame, guilt and this mind crushing loop cycle and intense recurring pattern in my life. What I have gained from these lessons is priceless, the deepest love, respect, and worth for self which is the greatest gift I could have ever asked for.

I no longer desire forgiveness or to be forgiven, I say this from a place of love and peace. We are equally learning, making mistakes, it was understanding, acknowledgement and love for self that was called for in the deepest core. I forgave another a long time ago when I learned to forgive myself and I realised the significance of the law of cause and effect. I truly needed these lessons in life and I unconsciously, vibrationally attracted them in - no need to re-read that, on reflection it is so true! We are mirrors of the shadows within all situations in life. For me to truly be empowered, to own my light, to be filled with such love, to be able to love consciously, to be equal, to be empowered and to illuminate the way for another to shine I had to be in perfect harmony with myself and embrace the whole, naked, vulnerable, exposed, unmasked me.

To be in perfect harmony with myself, to be the goddess that I am, I had to release all that I wasn't and all that I had been conditioned to be within the education of a perceived unconscious reality. Will there be a deeper layer to this part, there always is; life is a lesson of self discovery and each time I discover I thrive, so yes this most likely lies within the depths of my past life! We continually go through cycles of death, rebirth and all that's inbetween, once we work with that it no longer consumes us, we shine and we are truly liberated.


Unconscious magnetic vibrations

I have learned so much along the way and here are a few of these discoveries to illuminate your path:

When we act a particular way towards ourselves we will attract another who will literally magnetise this. More than likely you will not like this but it is exactly what you are doing to yourself and until you refrain to treat yourself this way you will continue to attract people who highlight this. For example; If you criticise yourself you will attract others that validate this. Until you break this you will find that it will be highlighted at a higher degree until you listen!

If you react a certain way to another, you attract this back into your life, it may not happen at this exact moment in time but if aware you will notice same situation, different characters and a role reversal (karma), if you choose to engage in this the lessons will continue to be repeated and you get stuck in a loop cycle.

"Why does this keep happening to me?"

If you are in "need" of a relationship you will also attract someone who is of the same vibration, someone who is emotionally unavailable or is wanting a relationship to fill their voids, push - pull element of a toxic relationship. The shadow parts are mirrored and magnified here! These relationships can break you which in turn allows you to build from core foundation. The key is remembering you are both unhealed and it isn't a blame game, responsibility as an adult lies solely within.

It is so important to take responsibility for everything that happens for you in your life, there are lessons, wisdom and deeper meaning to be embrace everywhere, if only you choose to see.

The biggest piece of wisdom I could share is to always come from a place of self love.

Self love is something that's easier to come across when you're surrounded by women who support and empower you. SisterHub is such a shining example of that and the benefit for our sense of self love that comes from being a part of that is invaluable, so get along to a meeting!


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